25th Annual Fuels and Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


25th Annual Fuels and Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


March 4-7, 2019
Grand Hyatt Singapore

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  • “Future Energy Mix”, Richard Jory, Vice President, Lubricants Supply Chain, Shell International

  • “Future Vehicle and Powertrain Outlook”, Andreas Pungs, Managing Director, FEV (Thailand) Co., Ltd

  • “Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) for ZERO emissions”, Shuji Kimura, Expert Leader, Powertrain and EV Engineering, Nissan Motor Co.

  • “On-Highway vs Off-Road Engine Applications and Lube Requirements”, Kenneth K. Chao, Sr. Staff Engineer - Lubricants, John Deere Product Engineering Center

  • “Taking Stock of LSPI”, Christopher Chadwell, Assistant Director, Automotive Propulsion Systems Department, Southwest Research Institute

  • “Novel Fuel and Lubricant Components for a Sustainable Future”, Markus Scherer, Director Global Marketing and Product Development – Base Stocks and Metalworking Fluids, BASF SE

  • “The Impact of Chemical Regulations on Global Contracts”, Daniel E. Sullivan, Manager, Global Product Stewardship, Houghton International

  • “Impact of ASEAN Chemical Regulation for Metalworking Fluids”, Yoshihisa Hayakawa, General Manager, ASEAN Technical Center, Yushiro (Thailand) Co., Ltd

  • “Commercial Presentation - Shifting Perspectives: Formulating for the Performance and Longevity of Metalworking Fluids”, Jimmy Zou, ANGUS Chemical Company

  • “China VI and India BS VI Implementation, Impact and Challenges”, Raj Padmanabhan, Asia Pacific Regional Product Line Manager for Automotive Engine Oils & Viscosity Index Improvers, Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd

  • “The Significant Challenges for China Lubricant Market in CN 6 Era”, Junmin Zhao, Business Manager, Lubrizol China

  • “Ecolabel 2018 and VGP 2018 - Changes and Challenges”, Paula Vettel, Technical Director Formulations and Regulatory, Novvi LLC

  • “Vehicle Electrification Lubrication Challenges”, Dr. Ed Becker, President, Friction & Wear Solutions, LLC

  • “Electric Vehicle Outlook and Impact on Lubricants/Additives”, Teri Crosby, Product Line Manager for Automotive Engine Oils, Chevron Oronite

  • “Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: A New Range of Fluids”, Yanis Frikha, Product Development Manager, Total

  • “API : Potential Changes in New Specification Development”, Kevin Ferrick, American Petroleum Institute

  • “Wrapping Up ILSAC GF-6”, Teri Kowalski, Principal Engineer, Toyota Technical Center

  • “Bharat Stage VI Emission Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities”, K.K. Ghandi, Convener, Centre for Auto Policy & Research

  • “JASO ULV (0W-8) PCMO Specification”, Kazuo Yamamori, Project Manager of Tribology Material Department, Toyota Motor Corporation

  • “BP: Growing a Retail Business in Indonesia”, Peter Molloy, President Director, BP/AKR Fuels Retail

  • “Biofuel in ASEAN - JAMA Stance”, Hitoshi Hayashi, Project General Manager, Material Engineering Division, Toyota Motor Corporation

  • “Commercial Presentation: Dorf Ketal Performance Fuel Additives - Game Changing and Dynamic Technology”, Aileen Valera, Vice President of Technical and Marketing, Global Performance Fuel Additives, Dorf Ketal Chemicals Inc.

  • “Asian Diesel Fuel Quality, Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Efficiency”, You Wei Aw, Analyst, Fuels & Transport – Global Fuel Specifications, AP, Stratas Advisors

  • “IMO 2020 - A Sulphur Reduction Program with a Difference”, Steve Benwell, Global Key Account Manager for Fuel Additives, Infineum

  • “Marine Lubricant Market Trends – Anticipating Change”, See Tien Tan, Marine Product Line Specialist, Chevron Oronite

  • “Potential & Challenges in Fuel Economy Improvement of Automotive Vehicles by Lubricants”, R. Ramaprabhu, Principal Engineer, Fluids Technology, Mahindra Research Valley, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

  • “Approaches for Reducing Corrosion of Engine Lubricants Containing Friction Modifiers”, Vincent Gatto, Research Director, Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC

  • “Impact of Viscosity Index Improvers (VII) on the Formation of Piston Deposits in Fuel Economy Engine Oils”, Kien-Wee Tan, Technical Director (SEAANZ), Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

  • “Balancing Durability and Catalyst Compatibility for Future Motorcycle Engine Oil Applications”, Zheng Qin, Lubrizol Corporation

  • “Energy-Saving Lubrication Technology”, Zhu Heju, Professor Senior Engineer, Dept. of ICE Lubricants Research, Beijing Research Institute, Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd.

  • “Renewable Group III+ Base Oils for Automotive and Industrial Lubricant Applications”, Paula Vettel
    Technical Director Formulations and Regulatory, Novvi LLC

  • “A New Low Viscosity Base Oil for Fuel Economy Engine Oil”, Ken Han, Research Scientist, Dow Chemical

  • “The New Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) Base Oils for Marine Application”, Jun-Wei Wu, Researcher, Patech Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd

  • “Commercial Presentation: Coal-to-Liquid (CTL) Base Oil”, Dr. David Du Dachang, G-TiBase Oil Technology Co., Ltd.

  • “Base Stock Logistics as We Move to a Low Viscosity Engine Oil World”, Chris Castanien, Technical Services Manager, Neste Oil

  • “Enhancing the Performance of Lubricants through Synergistic Antioxidant Mixtures and Base Oil Selection”, Jun Dong, Global Technical Manager, Fuel and Lube Additives, SONGWON International Group

  • “Poster Presentation: New Product Development in the Face of a Changing World” , Monica Ford, Business Development Technical Lead, Lubricants, Ingevity

  • “Poster Presentation: Data- Supporting Product Line Management”, Magda Williams, Product Manager for Data Analytics
    OATS Ltd.

  • “Poster Presentation: An Award-Winning Lubricant Solution to the Siloxane Problem in Landfill Gas Applications”, Edward Ng
    Commercial Manager, Engine Oils, Asia, Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd