24th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


24th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


March 6-9, 2018
Four Seasons Hotel, Macao

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  • “Future vehicles: fuels, lubricants, and engine”, Stephen Hsu, George Washington University
  • “Trends in Marine Lubricants”, Jason Ho, Sales General Manager for North Asia, Shell Marine
  • “Lubricant Requirements of the Metalworking Industry in China”, Zhang Chenhui, State Key Laboratory of Tribology, Tsinghua University
  • “Chinese Base Oil Market and Quality Analysis”, Wang Dong, PetroChina Lubricant Company
  • ”The European Lubricant Market – An Overview”, Valentina Serra-Holm, UEIL
  • “The Benefits and Uses of Pine Chemistry for Metalworking”, Monica Ford, Ingevity
  • Commercial Session: “Performance Enhancement of Air Compressor Oil by OSP”, Ken Han, Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
  • “Olefin Copolymers Designed to Provide Robust Low Temperature Performance with High Thickening Efficiency”, Ian Elliott, Maryam Sepehr, Sara Zhang, Man Hon Tsang, Tongji Li, John Toman, and David Morgan, Chevron Oronite
  • “What Impact Does the Drive to Sustainability Have on Innovation?”, Matthias Hof, Emery Oleochemicals GmbH
  • “ILSAC GF-6 with a Slight Detour”, Teri Kowalski, Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
  • “Status of JAMA PCMO WG's Activities on Automotive Lubricants”, Kazuo Yamamori, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “The new CHANGAN Fuel Economy Test Method”, Sunyu Tong, Business Development China, ISP Shanghai Co., Ltd. (Paper Not Available)
  • “Development of China’s D1-2019 Diesel Engine Oil Specification Standard”, Yang Guofeng, PetroChina Lubricant Company, Lanzhou Lubricating Oil R&D Institute
  • Commercial Session: “MOLYVAN® Organo-Molybdenum Additives: Time Tested and New Technologies for Engine Oils and Greases”, Vincent Gatto, Vandebilt Chemicals
  • Commercial Session: “Exploiting the Benefits of Nynas Naphthenic Oils for Industrial Lubricants – Refrigeration Compressor Oils & Greases”, Rena Soh, Regional Sales Executive, Nynas Pte. Ltd  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Investigation of Diesel Injector Nozzle Deposit Accumulation Mechanism Using High FAME Content Biodiesel”, Robert Wardle, Shell Global Solutions (UK), Liang Lu, Shell Lubricants Japan K.K., Tsuyoshi Kashio, Katsumi Yoshida, Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K., Ken Hashimoto, Hino Motors, Ltd.
  • “New Road Transport Fuel Specifications in New Zealand”, Dr. Vladimir Koutsaenko, Senior Advisor Fuel Quality Monitoring & Analysis, MBIE (Paper Not Available)
  • “OEM Perspectives – Indian Market”, Siva Kasturi, Shell Global Lubricants
  • “Delivering Fuel Economy in Internal Combustion Engines”, JunHan Li, Infineum Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • “The Evolving Fuel and Lubricant Challenges of GDI Engines in China”, Keith Howard, Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Commercial Session: “Improved Sustainability, More Power, Longer life with Metallocene-Based Polyalphaolefins (mPAO)”, Alina Li, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific R&D Co.
  • “A Full Lubrication Solution to TGDI engines in China and Asia”, S. Mahboobeh Hosseini, Research Engineer, Automotive Engine Oils Product Development, Chevron Oronite (Paper Not Available)
  • “Enhancing Compliance with Quality Standards in Automotive Lubricants”, Adri van de Ven, Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology B.V.
  • “Esters in Modern Low Viscosity Engine Oils for Improved Fuel Economy and Lower Carbon Emissions”, Martin Curran, Croda
  • “Philippine Fuel Marking Program, Edward James Dy Buco, Bureau of Customs, Philippines

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