20th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


20th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


March 4-7, 2014
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

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  • Keynote: “Mercedes-Benz Oil Specifications – Future Challenges for Engine Oils”, Michael Schenk, Daimler AG
  • “Fuel Economy and GHG Impacts on Light Duty Emissions Control”, Geng Zhang and Julian Cox, Johnson Matthey
  • “GM dexos, The Sequel”, Eric Johnson, General Motors Corp.
  • “Challenges for the Chinese Auto Industry in Globalization for the Next Upgrade - Chinese OEM Requirements”, Li Liguang, College of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University
  • “Indian Fuels and Lubricants Scenario – OEM Needs”, R.K. Malhotra, Indian Oil Corp.
  • “JASO Motorcycle Engine Oil Standards: Current Status and Future Trends”, Yoshinobu Yashiro, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.
  • “Update of JASO Diesel Engine Oil Standard for Piston Detergency Test”, Kenji Tomizawa, Hino Motors
  • “ILSAC GF-6 Update”, Teri Kowalski, Senior Engineer, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America  (Paper Not Available)
  • “The Proposal for Low Viscosity Engine Oils Below 0W-16v”, Takashi Nagashima, Chief Engineer, Technology Development Division 3, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Investigation of Engine Oil Effect on Abnormal Combustion in Turbocharged Direct Injection - Spark Ignition Engines (Part 2)”, Satoshi Hirano, Project Manager, Engine Design & Engineering Division, Toyota Motor Corp.  (Paper Not Available)
  • “API’s Online Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System”, Kevin Ferrick, American Petroleum Institute
  • “Update on World Wide Fuel Charter”, Kyouji Hosono, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Keynote: “Trends and Directions on Fuels and Lubricants - Research Perspectives”, Vijit Tangnoi, PTT Public Company Limited
  • “Lubricants and Fuels for Commercial Vehicles – A Future Perspective”, Richard Tucker, Shell Lubricants
  • “NExBTL HVO – A Premium Renewable Biofuel For Diesel Engines”, Derek Ong, Managing Director, Neste Oil Singapore (Paper Not Available)
  • “The Indispensable Automobile, Its Engine and Its Engine’s Lubricant”, Jonathan Evans, Institute of Materials, Savant Group
  • “Development of Energy-Efficient Lubricant for Future GF-6 Needs”, Simon Tung and Glenn Mazzamaro, Vanderbilt Chemicals
  • “Evaluation of Motorcycle Oil’s Wet Clutch Friction Properties”, Leo Kin Mun, Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
  • “Fuel Economy Benefits of Lower Viscosity, Lower Friction Oil over Conventional Motorcycle Oil for 4T Scooter Applications”, Kedar Shrestha, Ryoji Umehara, Chevron Japan Ltd.
  • “Progress in Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils: Maintaining the Status Quo Is Not an Option”, Wim Van Dam, James Booth, and Gary Parsons, Chevron Oronite Co., LLC
  • “Challenges to meet PC-11 requirements through  additive technology”, Lin Wangkan, Infineum USA L.P, Lim Jing Jing, Infineum Singapore Pte Ltd
  • “Sludge Formation and Issues over Shortening the Life of the Vehicle”, Damien Browne, Lubrizol Ltd.
  • “Manual Transmission Lubrication - The Benefits of an Optimized Fluid”, Gareth Brown, Lubrizol Ltd.
  • “What are the advantages of renewable feedstock”, Derek Ong, Neste Oil Singapore

Individual papers can be purchased separately for $50.00 per paper.