19th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


19th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


March 13-15, 2013
Hilton Millenium, Bangkok, Thailand

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  • “Fuel economy benefits from low viscosity lubricants”, Trevor Miller, Mark Sztenderowicz, Chevron Oronite LLC, Nobuo Ushioda, Chevron Oronite Japan Limited
  • Keynote: “Thoughts on the Fuel-Efficient Powertrain”, Thom Smith, Frances Lockwood, Ashland
  • “Moving Forward With ILSAC GF-6”, Teri Kowalski, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “Lubricant Viscometric Profile for Optimal Fuel Economy and Wear Performance”, Sonia Oberoi, Stuart Briggs, Isabella Goldmints, Infineum USA, LP, Daniella Baxter, Infineum UK Ltd.
  • “JAMA Engine Oil Activities”, Shinichi Kitamura, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd
  • Keynote: “Outlook for significant fuel economy improvement in heavy-duty diesel engines: The challenge and opportunity for advanced engine fluids”, Shawn Whitacre, Cummins Inc.
  • Keynote: “Technology for Our Transportation Future”, Ron Kiskis, Chevron Oronite LLC
  • “The Merit which Ultra Low Viscosity  Engine Oil Gives and its Capability”, Masashi Maruyama, Yosuke Okuyama, Motoyuki Sunaoka, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
  • “Improvement of global fuel quality – The JAMA perspective”, Masato Matsuki, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • “A Case for Bumper to Bumper Fuel Economy Improvement: Holistic Approach to Reducing Fuel Consumption from Light-Duty Vehicles and Improving Global CO2 Emissions”, Ian Bell, Afton Chemical Corporation
  • “Improved Heavy-Duty Engine Oil performance and Fuel Economy”, Dan Arcy, Shell Global Solutions
  • “Facing the Challenges in Engine Lubrication for Today’s Global Automotive Markets”, Mathew Rudd, Lubrizol Corp., Colin Morton, Paul Nai, Mike McCabe, Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd
  • “dexos™ -  Three Years Later…”, Angela Willis, General Motors
  • Keynote: “The Science and Technology Behind Fuel Economy”, Stephen Hsu, George Washington University  (Paper Not Available)
  • Keynote: “Engine Powertrain Trends and Efficiency Limits”, Jerry Gibbs, U.S. Department of Energy  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Investigation of Engine Oil Effect on Abnormal Combustion in Turbocharged Direct Injection - Spark Ignition Engines”, Satoshi Hirano, Toyota Motor Corp.  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Development of a Step-out Fuel-Efficient Lubricant Technology for Modern Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines”, Jai Bansal and Richard Finn, Jr., Infineum USA, L.P.  (Paper Not Available)
  • “The Influence of Viscosity Index Improver Type on the Viscosities of Motorcycle Engine Oils Targeting Improved Fuel Economy”, Ben Tan, Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.  (Paper Not Available)
  • “The Effects of Transient Test Cycles and Oil Characteristics on Fuel Economy Improvement from Heavy Duty Engine Oils”, James Booth, Mark Cooper, Kevin Carabell, Gary Parsons, Mark Sztenderowicz, Chevron Oronite Co. LLC  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Lubricant Related Fuel Economy Measurements by Means of Vehicle Emission Chassis Dynamometers: Industry Requirements, Potential and Challenges”, Tono Nasch, ISP Salzbergen GmbH & Co. KG (Paper Not Available)
  • “Study and Investigation of Test Methods, Results for Fuel Economy of Four Stroke Motorcycle Oils”, Hiroki Andoh and Shrestha Kedar, Chevron Oronite Japan Ltd.  (Paper Not Available)
  • “What Can Transmission Fluids Do for Saving the Earth?”, Yasushi Ando, Toyota Motor Corp.  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Enabling Transmission Fluid Technologies for Improved Fuel Efficiency”, Christopher Cleveland and Anthony Rollin, Afton Chemical  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Varying Effects of Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oils on Fuel Economy”, Nikhil Dayanand, Alan Beckman and John Palazzotto, Chevron Oronite Co. LLC  (Paper Not Available)
  • “Developing Methodology for Quantifying Fuel Efficient Axle Lubricants for Commercial Heavy-Duty Trucks”, Vasu Bala, BASF Corp.  (Paper Not Available)

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