16th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


16th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


March 3-5, 2010
The Regent Hotel, Singapore

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  • Keynote Presentation: “Tomorrow’s Fuel Economy and Emissions Challenges: The Role of the Additive Industry”, Andres Tugendhat, Chevron Oronite Co., LLC
  • “Fuels and Lubes Testing with Regard to Future C02 Emission Requirements”, Tono Nasch, I.S.P GmbH & Co. (Paper Not Available)
  • “Heavy Duty Engine Lubricants – Durability and Fuel Economy Optimisation”, Keith Howard, Mike Sutton, Graham Marshall, Lubrizol Ltd. and Tao Chunsheng, First Auto Works Group
  • “The Right Oil for Motorcycle Fuel Economy”, Mark Wilkes, Adam Kidson and Chris Travis, Lubrizol Limited
  • “Lubricant Contribution to Improved Fuel Economy in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines”, Wim van Dam, Peter Kleijwegt, Marnix Torreman and Gary Parsons, Chevron Oronite Co., LLC
  • “Passenger Car Motor Oil and Fuel Economy: Exploring Beyond 24 SSI Viscosity Index Improvers”, Kirk Nass, David George, Pritesh Patel and Yu Bai Qiang, Chevron Oronite Co., LLC
  • “Improved Work and Fuel Efficiency in Construction Equipment”, Barton Schober, Brian Filippini, Elizabeth Schiferi, Ok-Dong Lee, Lubrizol Corp., Brian Bentley, Brian Koehler, Michael Lochte and Matt Jackson, Southwest Research Institute
  • “Development of Fuel Economy Axle Fluid Technology”, Chip Hewette, Dave Degonia, Tze-Chi Jao and Tony Rollin, Afton Chemical Corporation
  • “Influence of Gear Oil Formulation on the Fuel Economy of Passenger Cars”, Dirk Wienecke, Volkswagen AG, Wilfred Bartz, Technische Akademie Esslingen
  • “Fuel Economy Retention in Passenger Car Motor Oil Formulations”, Vivek Palekar, Trevor Miller, Yat Fan Suen and Dave Uppal, Chevron Oronite Co., LLC
  • “Singapore Biodiesel Project”, Klaus Landhaeusser, ASEAN, Robert Bosch, SEA, Diesel Systems
  • “Hydrocarbon Drop-in Biofuels and Other Chemicals from Waste Biomass”, Cesar Granda, Terrabon Inc.
  • “Low Temperature Operability of Bx (PME) in Light Duty Diesel Truck”, Prissana Prakanwiwat, Chonchada Tipdecho, PTT Public Co. Ltd., Tristan Tang, Infineum Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • “The Impact of Biodiesel on Injector Fouling in Modern Direct Injection Diesel Engines and the Demands on Fuel Deposit Control Additives in Today’s Market”, Robert Barbour, Avtar Panesar, Robert Quigley, Lubrizol Ltd., David Arters and Keith Corkwell, Lubrizol Corp.
  • “New Generation Oil Additive Technology for Locomotive Engines Operating on Low & Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel”, Melanie Tobias, Peter Van Slyke, Thomas  Gallagher and Joseph Timar Jr., Chevron Oronite Co., LLC
  • “The Changing Appetite of Modern Engines for Fuel Detergents and their Application to Direct Injection Gasoline Engines”, John Bennett and Lau Teck Aun, Afton Chemical
  • “Intake System Deposit Field Survey and Deposit Control Additive Performance Evaluation in China”, Satoshi Ohta and Yasuhiro Ogasawara, Chevron Japan Ltd., Oronite
  • “Cold flow Improvers Increase the Value of Biofuels”, R. Koschabek, R. Sondjaja, F.-O. Mahling, A. Dardin, Evonik RohMax Additives GmbH
  • “Benefits of Synesstic™ Alkylated Naphthalene (AN) Basestocks in High Performance Lubricants”, Amy Long, ExxonMobil Chemical
  • “Lubrizol® 9040 Zero Series Diesel Additives: The Revolution Continues”, Robert Barbour and Robert Quigley, Lubrizol Limited
  • “Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitor for Metalworking Fluids”, Anil Choudhary and Edward Ng, BASF
  • “Are Performance Additives Necessary for Aluminum Machining?”, Klaus Wuscher, Rhein Chemie, a Lanxess Subsidiary
  • “Activities & Challenges towards Low Emission Cars”, Paul Greening, ACEA
  • “The Future of Fuels and Lubricants – U.S. DOE Research Directions”, Steven Przesmitzki, U.S. Department of Energy (Paper Not Available)
  • “Fuel Consumption Reduction in Transportation – A Case Study in Japan towards 2030”, Masahiko Nakada, Technova
  • “Survey and Analysis of In-Use Vehicle Emissions Performance in China”, Li Mengliang, China Automotive Technology and Research Center
  • “Case Study on the Diesel-Powered Light Commercial Vehicle Segment”, Parag Daithankar, Kiran Vairagkar, K. Nandhakumar, Kulkarni Hemant and Prakash Rao Malathakar, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (Paper Not Available)
  • Keynote Presentation: “Helping Customers to Use Less: Today and Tomorrow”, Andrew Foulds, Shell
  • “Tailor-made Polyalkylmethacrylate Base Fluids for the Next Generation of Wind Turbine Gear Lubricants”, Michael Muller, Christoph Wincierz, Roland Schwederand, Thilo Krapfl, Evonik RohMax Additives GmbH
  • “Honda Motorcycle Engine Oil Conception and Promotion: CO2 Reduction for Environmental Protection”, Masatoshi Akagi, Honda R&D, Motorcycle R&D Center
  • “Fluid Solutions to Prevent Varnish Formation in Industrial Applications”, Betsy Burke, Brian Filippini, Robert Profilet, Matthew Sivik, and Robert Profilet, Lubrizol Corp.
  • “Engineered Lubricants to meet Future Transmission Design”, William Abraham, Susie Hurley and James Sumiejski, Lubrizol Corp.
  • “Inspection of Two High-Mileage Continuously Variable Transmissions”, Raymond Watts, Masahiro Ishikawa and Scott Campbell, Infineum USA LP
  • “The Impact of Biodiesel on Lubricant Performance”, Azman Maam, Petronas (Paper Not Available)
  • “Green Driveline Lubricants for Meeting Improved Commercial & Automotive Requirements”, Vasu Bala, Jim Casey, Jianhua Mao and David Rao, Cognis Corporation

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