9th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


9th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 21- 24, 2003
Grand-Hyatt, Singapore

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  • Keynote: “Shared Knowledge – The Power of Progress in Today’s Competitive World”, Shariq Yosufzai, ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants
  • “China – A Continually Evolving Opportunity”, Anthony Stephen Puckett, Tri-Zen International
  • “Outlook for China’s Automotive Industry: Fact vs. Fiction”, Michael Dunne, Automotive Resources Asia Ltd.
  • “Doing Business in Asia from the Perspective of a Non-Asian Supplier…..”, Joachim Christian Leluschko, RohMax Oil Additives
  • “Global Issues in Asia”, Steve Brice, Standard Chartered Bank
  • “Asian Oil Markets in 2003: Potential Scenarios and Challenges”, John Driscoll, Argus Media Group
  • “Further Challenge in Automobile and Fuel Technology for Better Air Quality: JCAP I Activities and JCAP 2 Plans”, Shigeki Uchiyama, Petroleum Energy Center
  • “Present and Future of Engine Tribology”, Oh Dae Yoon, Hyundai Motor Co.
  • “Globalization of Diesel Engine Oil Specifications”, Bengt Otterholm, Volvo Technology Corporation
  • “Update on the Development of New Engine Oil Standards for After-Treatment and Cooled EGR Systems: JASO DX-2 and DX-3”, Kenji Tomizawa, Hino Motors Ltd.
  • “Progress of a New Hydraulic Fluid Specification HX-1 for Construction Equipment”, Satoshi Ohkawa, Komatsu Ltd., Hitoshi Hamaguchi, Degussa Japan
  • “Proposal for Asian Fuel Quality”, Hirohiko Hoshi, Yasunori Takei, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “High Performance Base Oils from Unconventional Feedstocks”, David Wedlock and Nicholas Adams, Shell Global Solutions
  • “Influence of Natural Gas on Base Oil Markets”, Kurt Barrow, Purvin & Gertz
  • “Air Quality Management in Bangkok: Trends and Challenges”, Supat Wangwongwatana, Pollution Control Department, Ministry  of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Roundtable Discussion: “Formulating with Synthetic Base Stocks”, Wilfried Bartz, Technische Akademie, Georg Bleimschein, BP Chemicals, Peter Brown, Exxonmobil Chemical Company, Jean Luc Herbeaux, Rohmax Oil Additives (Paper Not Available)
  • “European Activities – An ACEA Update”, Bengt Otterholm, Volvo Technology Corporation on behalf of ACEA WG.FL
  • “New Formulating Approach for Mobile Gas Engine Oils”, Wim van Dam, Greg Cook, Keith Narasaki, Chevron Oronite
  • “Phosphorus Volatility of Lubricants - Use of the Phosphorus Emission Index of Engine Oils”, Theodore Selby, Savant, Inc.
  • “Reducing Energy Consumption with Multigrade Hydraulic Fluids”, Douglas Placek, Steven Herzog and Christian Neveu, RohMax Oil Additives
  • “New Polarity Measurement Technique for Lubricants”, Thomas Buenemann, Rudi ter Haar, Dick Kenbeek, Uniqema
  • “Development of Specially Formulated 4-Stroke Engine Oil for Motorcycles”, Moritsugu Kasai, Motoharu Ishikawa and Tomomi Miyaji, Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.
  • “Improvements to Second Generation Water-Based Corrosion Inhibitors”, Paul Nai, Steven Miller and Liew Shou Tze, Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Efficient Lower Tier Automotive Engine Oil Cascades for Tier Product Offerings”, Stephen Roby, Richard Mayer and Peter Kleijwegt, Chevron Oronite
  • “Low SAPS Engine Oils for Future Diesel Engines: Challenges and Solution”, Ewa Bardasz, Ian Wilby and Joseph Chai, Lubrizol Corporation
  • “System City – A Systematic Approach to Clean Air”, Claire Thorne, Spencer Taylor, Chris Dewey, Alex Psaila, Steve Goodier and Niall Ainscough, BP/Castrol
  • “A Novel Gasoline Fuel Optimizer for Improved Combustion and Vehicle Performance”, B.R. Graskow, S. Ohta, H. Watanabe, Chevron Oronite
  • “Issues and Concerns Regarding Fuel Additives Interactions in Gasoline Vehicles”, Mitchell Jackson, David Arters and Keith Corkwell, Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAMEs) as Diesel Fuel Blend Components”, L.J. Clarke, E.H. Crawshaw and L. C. Lilley, Shell Global Solutions (UK)
  • “Fuel Quality Control and Assurance in Retail Markets”, M.J. Grundy, J.M. Teuben and L.J. Clarke, Shell Global Solutions (UK)
  • “Fuel Additives: Helping Fuel Marketers Capture the Consumer’s Imagination”, Ulrich Kanne, BASF AG
  • “The Effect of Different Additive Technologies on the Performance of Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engines”, M. Kiefer, H. Schmidt, H. Schwahn and M. Bergemann, BASF AG
  • ”Fuel Efficiency Measurement – Two Popular Techniques”, Lee Grant, Southwest Research Institute
  • “Industry Response to Changing Fuel Quality: A Perspective on Automobile Emissions”, N.S. Murthy, Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • “Synthetic Lubricating Oils: Future Perspectives and Applications”, Wilfried Bartz, Technische Akademie Esslingen
  • “Synthetic Basestocks (Polyalphaolefins and Esters) in Lubricant Applications”, Peter Brown, James Zielinski, ExxonMobil Chemical

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