8th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


8th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 29 - February 1, 2002
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

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  • Keynote: “Collaboration - The Key to Success for Oil Marketers”, David Armstrong, Graeme Sweeney, Shell Global Solutions (UK)
  • “Mergers and Acquisitions in the Oil Industry: How Would (Could) State Oil Companies and Independents Survive against the ‘Super Majors’?", Gary Vickers, Accenture
  • “Asian Refining – How Long the Tunnel?”, John Vautrain & Kurt Barrow, Purvin & Gertz Inc.
  • “New Economy - Has Real Change Happened?”, Ian Scott, The Boston Consulting Group
  • “Viral Marketing: What Is It? Who's It For? How Can You Use It?”, Kelly Olafson, Ogilvy & Mather Asia-Pacific, David Mayo, Red Card
  • “Lubricant Business of Independents in the ASEAN Market”, Ho Leng Woon, Chairman and CEO, AP Oil International Ltd.
  • “GTL Specialties - High Value Threat or Opportunity?”, Geeta Agashe, William Downey and George Morvey, Kline & Company, Inc.
  • “The Impact on PetroChina's Refinery Business after WTO”, Li Runsheng, PetroChina Company Limited
  • Keynote: “Automotive Technologies and the Environment”, Takashi Kamo, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “Key Axle and Manual Transmission Project: Past, Present and Future”, Robert Cain, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Passenger Car Motor Oil WG: ILSAC SG+ Guideline”, Kiyotaka Nakamura, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • “JASO DX-2 Activities Update”, Kousuke Ito, Hino Motors, Ltd.
  • “JAMA Activity for 4-Stroke Engine Oil for Motorcycles - Introduction of Today's
  • Technical Consideration in Japan”, Masatoshi Akagi, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
  • “Oil Industry Support for Worldwide Elimination of Leaded Gasoline”, William Flis, ExxonMobil
  • “Clean Automobile Fuel in Asia”, Hirohiko Hoshi, Toyota Motor Corp.
  • “Changes in the Quality of Base Oils”, D.J. Wedlock, Shell Global Solutions (UK)
  • “Base Oil Supply Demand and Quality Issues”, Dave Kramer, ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants
  • “The Effects of Different Base Oils on the Performance of GF-3 Engine Oils”, Jae-Kon Ryoo and Woo-Sik Moon, SK Corporation
  • “Market and Technology Overview of Unconventional Basestocks”, Thomas Buenemann and Andrew Oldfield, Uniqema Lubricants
  • “North American Engine Performance of Syntroleum Synthetic Fluids”, Robert Freerks, H. Ernest Henderson, Michael D’Onofrio, Syntroleum Corporation
  • “Keynote: “Molecular Basis of Lubrication”, Stephen Hsu, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • “Influence of Viscosity Index Improvers in Lubricants on the Mechanical Efficiency and the Operating Temperature of Transmissions”, Christoph Wincierz and Klaus Hedrich, Rohmax Oil Additives GmbH
  • “Shear Stability Index of Viscosity Modifiers - Effect of Polymer Architecture”, Chor Huang, Joseph Chai and Melody Wilk, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Diesel Fuel Detergent Additive Effects in Modern Diesel Engines”, David Arters, Robert Barbour and Keith Corkwell, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “High Performance Esters as Lubricant Additives in Metalworking and Rolling Fluids”, John Eastwood, Alan Savidge, Wai Nyin Wald, Uniqema Lubricants
  • “A New Alternative to Conventional Water-Based Corrosion Inhibitors”, Derek Phillips, Gateway Additive Company, Liew Shou Tze, Paul Nai, Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd.
  • “Oxygenated Diesel: An Environmental and Economic Solution to Immediate Air
  • Quality Benefits”, Alan Rae, AAE Holdings Pic., Paul Armitage, The Associated Octel Company Ltd.
  • “Tailoring Fuels for A Cleaner Environment”, Martin Booth, John Unsworth and Richard Malpas, Shell Global Solutions (UK)
  • “Effective Introduction of Biofuels into Gasoline and Diesel”, M.J. Grundy, A.P. Groves  and J.S. McArragher, Shell Global Solutions (UK)
  • “A Survey of Gasoline-Related Deposit Levels in Consumer-Operated Vehicles in Asia Pacific”, Satoshi Ohta and Yasuhiro Ogasawara, Chevron Oronite Japan Limited
  • “A Study of Using Refined Palm Oil Blending in Diesel Fuel for Automobiles in Thailand”, Nirod Akarapanjavit, PTT Public Company Limited
  • Keynote: “Towards Clean Air in Asia”, Charles Melhuish, Asian Development Bank
  • “Diesel Fuel Lubricity”, Manuch Nikanjam, Chevron Products Company, Paul Henderson, SAE Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Standards Committee, Paul Lacey, Pennzoil-Quaker State Company, Rinaldo Caprotti, lnfineum, Dean Simeroth, State of California, Air Resources Board, Ken Mitchell, Shell Canada Products
  • “Demand of Clean Fuels in China Market and Related Measures”, Yi Miao, Sinopec
  • “API Cl-4: The First Oil Category for Diesel Engines Using Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation”, J.A. Me Geehan, ChevronTexaco Company, J. Wells, Southwest Research Institute, S. Kennedy, ExxonMobil, A. Huang, Equilon Enterprises, G. Shank, Mack Trucks, D. Stehouwer, Cummins Inc., D. Larkin/B. Mesfin, Detroit Diesel Corporation, D. Tharp, Caterpillar Inc., F. Bondarowicz, International Truck and Engine Corporation, K. Chao, John Deere, R.T. Stockwell, GM Powertrain Engineering Center, C. Passut, Ethyl Corporation, W. Kleiser, Chevron Oronite Company LLC, L. Williams, Lubrizol  Corporation, P. Fetterman, lnfineum USA, J. Zalar, Test Monitoring Center, J. Rutherford, Oronite
  • “Lubricants that Optimize Diesel Engine Fuel Economy and Allow Extended Oil Drains”, Jim Mc Geehan, West Alexander Ill, Mel Couch Jr., Jim Rutherford, Steve Roby, Chevron Texaco
  • “Multigrade Automotive Engine Oils' Benefits and Their Applicability in the Asian Market”, Ron Stepan, Tok Lim Hoe and Soo Hui Jin, Chevron Oronite Ple. Ltd.
  • “ILSAC GF-4: What, Why, When and How?”, Michael McMillan, General Motors Research and Development Center
  • “The Development of Fuel Economy Lubricants”, R.I. Taylor, Shell Global Solutions (UK)
  • Keynote: “Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants – State of the Art and Future Developments”, Wilfried Bartz, Technische Akademie Esslingen
  • “A Comparative Study of Ceramic Membrane Based Technology with Polymer Membrane Based Technology for Used Lubricant Oil Recycling”, Yi Tan, Yi Ma and Leslie Loke Ching Thin, Environmental Technology Institute
  • “Breakthrough Technology of Low Cost, Innovative, Vibratory Membrane and Thermal (VMAT) Approach in Waste Oil Recovery/Recycling - A Worldwide Trend”, Daniel Cheng, Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd.
  • “Engine and Lubricant Research in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines Equipped with Exhaust
  • Gas Recirculation”, Chris Locke, lnfineum UK Ltd., D.J. Shea, lnfineum Singapore
  • “Durability - A Forgotten Benefit of Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids”, Donald Clason, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “The Requirements for the Latest ATF and Problems of Commercially Available ATF”, Nobuaki Watanabe,Toshihiko lchihashi, Masayuki Kato and Yoshitaka Tamoto, ldemitsu Kosan Co.Ltd.

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