7th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


7th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 30-February 2, 2001
Regent Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

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  • “Creating Value in the New Economy: Advantage Through Brand, Information and Connecting with Customers”, Ian Scott, The Boston Consulting Group Pte Ltd
  • “Market Trends in Thailand”, Suparat Sirisuwannangkura, Toyota  Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.
  • “Indian Auto-Oil Industry Trends in Growth and Drive for Cleaner Environment”, R.A. Rao, Indian Additives Ltd/ Bureau of Indian Standards, K.K. Gandhi, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
  • “Diesel Engine Trends and  Lubricant Requirements”, William Runkle, Jr., The Valvoline Company, Jerry Wang, Cummins Tech. Center, Cummins Inc.
  • “Developments in  European Fuels and Lubes Testing”, Don Smith, AVL Fuels & Lubes Technology
  • “Trends of Fuels and Lubricants Requirements in South Korea”, Woo-Sik Moon, SK Corporation
  • “Impact of Emission and Fuel Economy Regulation on Fuels and Engine Oils for Passenger Cars”, Kiyotaka Nakamura, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • “JASO DH-1: As the Final Update of DX-1 Development”, Masaru Mishima, Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Co., Kousuke Ito, Hino Motors, Ltd.
  • “Review of International  Engine Oil Specification Development”, Fumio Ueda, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “Assuring Brand Satisfaction Through Product Integrity”, Harry Hall, Chevron Products Company
  • “Lubricants Logistics: Improving Performance By Benchmarking”, Keith Roberts, PIMS Associates Ltd.
  • “Air Pollution Control Strategies in Thailand”, Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana, Division Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
  • “PTT and View on New Frontier in Downstream Oil Marketing and International Trading”, Pichai Chunhavajira, PTT Oil, PTT International
  • “Development of Diesel Engine Oils  which meet the JASO DH-1 Specifications”, Hideki Kamano, Masanori Enomoto and Shin Obata, Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.
  • “The Impact of European Light Duty Diesel Specifications on Lubricant Formulations”, Ray Calder and Barry Hemans, Lubrizol Ltd.
  • “An Investigation of the Effect of Modern Diesel  Engines on Lubricant Performance”, Takashi Fujitsu, Kouichi Kubo and Sara Lawrence, Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K
  • “The Future of Diesel Engine Lubricants for Low Emission Engines”, William Kleiser, Wim van Dam, Chevron Oronite Technology, Satoshi Hirano, Chevron Oronite Technology
  • “Product Stewardship and Waste Oil in Australia”, Graeme Marshall and Carolyn Gresele, Environment Australia
  • “Extended Life Corrosion Inhibitors In Locomotive Applications: A Field Trial Report”, Vu Trong Quynh, Vietnam Railways, Frank Gili, Paul Van de Ven & Bui Van Thanh, Caltex Lubricants Division, Caltex Corporation
  • “Cost and Performance Advantages of Multigrade Hydraulic Fluids”, D.G. Placek and C.W. Hyndman, RohMax USA
  • “Development of Modern Two Stroke Engine Oils Aimed at Reducing Smoke Levels Using the JASO Suzuki Smoke Test”, A.K. Bhatnagar, N.R. Raje, Shyam Singh, M. Sithanathan, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., D.J. Smith, AVL List GmbH
  • “The Lubricating Grease Market in Asia Pacific – Current Status and Future Trends”, Michel Behar and Peter Heckler, Fuchs Petrolub AG
  • “Synthetic Base Stocks  From Fischer-Tropsch Wax”, Robert Freerks, Syntroleum Corporation
  • “JCAP (Japan Clean Air Program) Latest Result and Progress of the Japanese Auto/Oil Program”, Katsuhiko Hirose, Fumio Okada and Toshio Tomiyama, Japan Petroleum Energy Center
  • “Production of Clean Diesel Oils”, A.S. Nasution, E. Jasjfi and Evita H. Legowo, Lemigas R/D Centre for Oil and Gas Technology
  • “Water-Blend Diesel Fuel Technology for Particulate and NOx Technology”, Mike Attfield, Lubrizol Limited
  • “DME as an Alternative Common Fuel  for CI, SI and Fuel Cell”, Shuichi Kajitani, Yasuyuki Tsutsumi, Zhili Chen, Mitsuharu Oguma, Ibaraki University, Mahabubul Alam and Shinichi Goto, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Japan
  • “The Transition from Leaded to Unleaded Gasoline: Experiences and Side Effects”, Matthew Vincent, Trevor Russell and Paul Armitage, The Associated Octel Company Limited
  • “A Study of the Effects of Gasoline Additive Packages on Engine Power Performance”, W.S. Ku, K.C. Kong, K.H. Lin, C. S. Lin, Chinese Petroleum Corporation
  • “Thailand’s Current and Future Fuels and Lubricants Regulations”, Preeyaporn Vivekaphirat, Bureau of Fuel Oil Department of Commercial Registration, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand
  • “Australia’s Move to Cleaner Fuels”, Amos Bromhead, Petroleum and Electricity Division, Australian Department of Industry, Science and Resources
  • “An Overview of European Fuel Additive Engine Tests”, Ard Martens, Texaco Additives International
  • “The Performance of a Gasoline Friction Modifier Fuel Additive”, Thomas Hayden, Texaco Additives International
  • “The Influence of Fuel Additives on Ultra-Fine Particulate Emissions from Spark Ignition Engines”, Brian Graskow, University of Cambridge, Majid R. Ahmadi, Chevron Oronite
  • “Use of Gasoline Additives to Enhance Lubricant Performance”, Malcolm Macduff, Keith Corkwell, David Arters, and Mitchell Jackson, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Performances and Catalyst Presulphiding – A Comparative Review of Currently Available Chemistries and Pilot Plant Study of The Current Market Leading Technologies”, Eric Lindenfelser, Mark Wilkes and C. David Roberts, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Friction Modifier Delivered to Engine Oil via Fuel: Predicting and Monitoring  a Performance-Favorable Effect”, Yvonne Thiel, Bryce Wyman, Texaco Additives International
  • “Chemical Additives as Stabilizer for Light Cycle Oil”, Thakor Kikabhai, Richard Heo, Kim Peyton, Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals
  • “Pipeline Drag Reduction for the Strategic and Economic Supply of Petroleum Products”, John Motier, Baker Petrolite, A Baker Hughes Company
  • “New Molybdenum Technology for Enhanced Performance in Passenger Car Motor Oils”, Dong Hoon Lee, Infineum Singapore Pte. Ltd., I.A.W. Bell, Infineum U.K. Ltd.
  • “Friction Modifiers for Automotive Applications –  Rig Tests and Performance”, Dick Kenbeek, Thomas Bűnemann and Perry Koen, Uniqema
  • “Hydraulic Oil Additive Trends for Construction Equipment”, Himiko Takayama, Katsumi Umehara, Hiroshi Tanabe, Noboru Hirotomi, Chevron Oronite Japan Ltd., Stuart H Brown, Bright and Clear Consulting, A. Kirk Garrett and John Huron, Chevron Oronite Company LLC
  • “Grease the Final Frontier: Forecasting the Additive Requirements in the New Millennium”, Patricia Todd, Matthew Sivik, and Hyun-Soo Hong, The Lubrizol Corporation

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