6th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


6th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 25-28, 2000
Regent Hotel, Singapore

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  • “The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Asia Pacific Region”, Tom Dance, Infineum Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • ”Fuels and Lubes Market Recovery in Asia - Is it real?”, Jock McKenzie, Caltex
  • ”Lubricants Business in Korea”, Bong-Kyoon Park, SK Corporation
  • ”China Lubricant Market Development Trends”, M. Song Yunchang, Great Wall Lubricating Oil Co., SINOPEC
  • “Lubricating Grease Trends in Japan”, A. Koide, Kyodo Yushi Asia Pte. Ltd
  • “The Thai Fuels and Lubes Market: On the Road to a Recovery”, Khunying Thongtip Ratanarat, Petroleum Institute of Thailand
  • “Fuels and Lubes in India — A Review of Status and Future Requirements”, R. A. Rao, Indian Additives Limited (Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi)
  • “Fuel Quality — Trends and Future Needs”, Anders Röj, Volvo Technological Development Corporation
  • “Trends of Engine Oil Standards — Harmonization or Dispersion?”, Masahiko Nakada, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “E-Commerce — Impact and Opportunities”, Ronnie Wee & Chaying Gan, PlaNet Technology Solutions Pte. Ltd.
  • “Future R&D Activity of F&L in Asia and the Pacific”, Jun’Ichi Mitsui, Tonen Corporation
  • “Fuel Sulfur — A Time for Decision”, Walter Groff, Southwest Research Institute
  • “Investigation of the Use and Effectiveness of the JASO Two-Stroke Engine Oil Standards”, Masaru Mishima, Japan Lubricating Oil Society (Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corporation)
  • “Update of the DX-1 Development”, Kanji Kikuchi, Hino Motors Ltd.
  • “Recent Activities of OACIS — Japanese Standards Association”, Kazuyoshi Tasaka, Toyota Motors Corp., Noboru Hirotomi, Oronite Japan Limited
  • “Base Oil Quality from a User’s Perspective”, Stan Baldwin, Caltex Lubricants Division, Caltex Corporation
  • “Asia Pacific Base Oils — Recovery, Change or Challenge”, Roger Field and Roger Cherry, Etonwood Pte. Ltd., The Kline Group, Asia-Pacific
  • “MAX DEWAX: Membrane Separation in Lube Solvent Dewaxing”, N. A. Bhore, R. M. Gould, S. M. Jacob, M. P. McGuiness, and T.K.K. Tan, Mobil Technology Company
  • “Hydroprocessing Routes to Improved Base Oil Quality and Refining Economics”, R.L. Howell, C. Hung, J. Xiao and J.F. Mayer, Chevron Products Company
  • “VHVI Base Oils and White Oils from Fuel Hydrocracker Bottoms”, H.Y. Sung, S.H. Kwon, SK Corporation, J.P. Andre, Raytheon E & C
  • “Japan Clean Air Program — The Influences of Emissions in Current Technologies”, Tadashi Ito, Kazumoto Nakamura, Hiroshi Tsuda, Petroleum Energy Center
  • “Reformulated Gasolines: Lower Particulate Emissions”, Jouni Kivi, Juha Pentikainen, Leena Rantanen, Seppo Mikkonen, Tapio Honkanen, Fortum Oil and Gas Oy, Paivi Aakko, Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • “Low Benzene Fuel for Motorcycles”, Frank Yuh-Fong Tszeng, Chin-Lian Chen, Kun-Hai Lin, Chinese Petroleum Corp., Li-Cheng Hsieh, National Chung Hsing University, Cheng-Tao Wu, Bureau of Air Quality Protection and Noise Control, EPA
  • “Production of Gasoline Components in ASEAN Refineries and Effects of the Stricter Fuel Quality Requirement”, A.S. Nasution, E. Jasjfi and E.H. Legowo, LEMIGAS R/D Centre for Oil and Gas Technology
  • “Lead Phase-Out and the Challenges of Developing Future Gasoline Specifications”, John Courtis, Daedalus LLC
  • “Impact of Fuel Aromatic Content and Type on Injector Deposit Formation in Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) Engines”, Allen Aradi, Tom Zahalka, Ethyl Corporation, Bill Imoehl, Siemens Automotive Corporation
  • “Injector Fouling in Direct Injection Gasoline Vehicles”, David Arters, William Dimitrakis, Malcolm MacDuff, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Safe Use of Diesel Lubricity Additives in the Field”, Rinaldo Caprotti, Infineum UK Ltd.
  • “Wax Modifiers for Crude Oils and Heavy Fuels”, Sophia Wang, Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals LP, Alan Flamberg, RohMax USA, Inc., Thakor Kikabhai, Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals Limited
  • “Diesel Combustion Additives for Reducing Diesel Particulate Emission”, Tim Rogers, Associated Octel
  • “Gasoline Deposit Control Additives — Recommended Performance and Testing Protocol for Asia-Pacific”, Richard Peyla, Oronite Global Technology, Henk Sengers, Oronite European Technical Center, Michio Shiga, Oronite Japan Technology Center, Chevron Chemical Company
  • “Deposit Formation and Control in Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engines”, H. Ohkubo, Y. Tomoda, Oronite Japan Technology Center, M. R. Ahmadi, Oronite Global Technology
  • “Review of Organic Friction Modifiers — Contribution to Fuel Efficiency?”, Thomas Bunemann, Dick Kenbeek, Han Rieffe, Uniqema
  • “A Study on the Longevity of Friction Modifiers for Gasoline Engine Oil”, Hideyuki Nakamura, Masanori Enomoto, Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.
  • “New Cost-Effective Automotive Gear Oil Additive Technology”, Hyun-Soo Hong and James Vinci, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Contribution of Dispersant Viscosity Index Improvers to Soot Control in the Mack T-8”, Christian Neveu and Hitoshi Hamaguchi, RohMax France and RohMax Japan
  • “Low-Toxic Engine Coolant for Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment”, Kohji Iijima, Satoshi Ohkawa, Komatsu Ltd., Keisaku Iwakata, IPA Ltd.
  • “The Role of the Lubricant in the Fuel Efficient Transmission”, Raymond Watts, Infineum USA LP
  • “Relationship Between Thin Film Properties of Fluids and their Performance in Continuously Variable Transmissions”, Ramnath Iyer, Mark Devlin and Dave Harris, Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc.
  • “Synthetic Lubricating Greases - For Future Requirements - ”, Wilfried Bartz, Technische Akademie
  • “Application of High Quality (Group II, III) Base Oils to Specialty Lubricants”, Woo-Sik Moon, Yong-Rae Cho and Jung-Sik Chun, SK Corporation
  • “Extended Life Engine Coolant”, Peter Roose, Texaco Global Products
  • “A Review of the Two-Cycle Oil Market in China”, Lim Siong Leng, Infineum
  • “Impact of Oil Volatility in Extended Drain Service”, Alex Boffa and Greg Cook, Chevron Chemical Company, Oronite Additives Division
  • “Balancing Global and Local Needs: The Challenge for Diesel Engine Lubricants”, Nobuaki Kojima, Eric Schnur, Peter Thomson, Lubrizol Japan, Lubrizol Southeast Asia Ltd., Lubrizol Hazelwood
  • “Fuel Economy Durability, The Key to ILSAC GF-3”, Brent Dohner and Melody Wilk, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “The Impact of Lubricant Composition and Rheology on Wear in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines”, Wim Van Dam, Oronite Global Technology, William Willis, Oronite Global Technology, Mark Cooper, Oronite, San Antonio Test Group
  • “PCMO and HDDO Trends”, Yukio Ueda, Infineum Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • “Synthetic Engine Oils in the Thai Market”, Thanin Utawanit, Research and Technology Institute, Petroleum Authority of Thailand
  • “Chemical Management Trends in Asia Pacific”, David Collins, Castrol Industrial Asia Pacific
  • “Do Trends in Metalworking Fluids Differ by Region?”, Dr. Frans Van Antwerpen and William Downey, Kline & Company Inc.
  • “Replacement of Natural and Synthetic Sulfonates in Metalworking Fluids”, Derek Phillips, Gateway Additive Company, Michael R. P. Kohut, Lubrizol
  • “Membrane Separation Technology: Recycling of Used Lubricating Oils”, C. K. Chang, Environmental Technology Institute
  • “Oxidation Degradation Study of Palm Oil Methyl Ester Blended Lubricant”, M. A. Maleque and H. H. Masjuki, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, University of Malaya
  • “Lubrication Performance of Gear Lubricants with Different Additives”, Yeau-Ren Jeng, Shen-Jenn Hwang, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Jinn-An Shieh, Jin-Shang Liou, Cheng-Shyong Lin, Refining and Manufacturing Research Center, Chinese Petroleum Corporation

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