4th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


4th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 14-16, 1998
Regent Hotel, Singapore

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  • “A New Generation of OCP Viscosity Index Improvers Produced via INSITETM Technology”, Richard H. McGirk, John J. Manning, Morgan Hughes, Gary L. Rath, Luis C. Salazar, Dupont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
  • “A Review of Worldwide Approaches to the Use of Additives to Prevent Exhaust Valve Seat Recession”, Dr. M.W. Vincent and T.J. Russell, The Associated Octel Company Ltd.
  • “Activity and History of Upgrading Engine Oil Quality in Japan”, S. Watanabe, Japan Lubricating Oil Society
  • “Additives: Supply and Demand in Asia-Pacific”, John Lukes, Chevron Chemical (Far East)
  • “AMP-95® as a Metalworking-Fluid Alkanolamine”, Dr. A.C. Eachus, ANGUS Chemical Company, W.H. Ko, ANGUS (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • “API CF-4 vs. API PC-8”, Richard Lee, Automotive Engine Oils, Oronite Global Technology, H. Watanabe, Oronite Japan Technology Center
  • “Asia Pacific Regional Lubricants Performance Requirements”, W. Graeme Dyer, Ethyl Asia Pacific Company
  • “Asia-Pacific Supply and Demand Balance: Impact on Products Trading”, S. Krishnamurthy, Mobil Sales and Supply, Asia Pacific
  • “Current Status and Future Trend of Chinese Lube Oils”, Chen Guoming, China Petro-Chemical Corp. (SINOPEC)
  • “Current Status of Japan Clean Air Program (JCAP)”, Hiroshi Tsuda, Hirotsugu Nomura, Akira Tabata, Kazumoto Nakamura, JCAP Promotion Department, Petroleum Energy Center, Shin Morita, Refining Division, Petroleum Department, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • “Detergent Additive Effects in Crankcase Lubricants and their Application to New European and U.S. Specifications”, PG Carress, Adibis
  • “Development of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engine”, Tateo Kume, Engine Development and Designing, Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
  • “Emergence of New Horizons in Fuels & Lubricants in India”, Sudhir Singhal, Indian Institute of Petroleum
  • “Emission Driven Challenges in Two-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oils”, Albert M.T. Chan and Shizuka Takagawa, Regional Technology Centre, BP Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  • “Emission Investigation of Small Gasoline Engine Under Vegetable Oil Based Lubricant”, M.A. Maleque and H.H. Masjuki, University of Malaya
  • “Establishing R&D in Thailand”, Sawaeng Boonyasuwat, Institute of Research and Technology, Petroleum Authority of Thailand
  • “European Base Oil Supply and Demand”, C.W. Lewis, Shell International Petroleum Company
  • “Exhaust Valve Sticking - The Deposit Story Continues”, W. Bitting, C.T. Keller, D. Mortier, G. Nancekievill, Texaco Fuel Additives
  • “Formulation of SJ Engine Oil with Viscosity Stability”, Hun-Chang Sheu, Chen-Yi Lin, Shie-Duan Wang, Gau-Shyan Lu, Chia-Soon Ku, Chi-Sheng Wu, Chinese Petroleum Corporation
  • “Fuel Additives as a Cost Effective Way to Reduce Emissions”, G.Babic, W, Broeckx, G. Nancekievill, D. Mortier, W. Bitting, A. Martens, Texaco Additives International
  • “Fuel Additives in the Asia-Pacific Market, a Japanese Perspective”, Noburo Hirotomi, Oronite Japan Technology Center
  • “Fuel Economy Improvement and Smoke Reduction in Indian Bus Fleet by the Use of Detergent Additives”, Rajendra Nagapurkar, Iftex Petrochemicals Ltd., Umesh Kumar, Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation
  • “Fuel Efficient Lubricant Formulation”, Francois Benard and Frederic Espinoux, Elf, Antar, France
  • “Fuels & Lubricants Activities in Europe & The Role of CEC”, Francis H. Palmer, CEC
  • “Gas Oil Components and the Effects of the Changing Gas Oil Quality Requirement”, A.S. Nasution and E. Jasjfi, LEMIGAS, Research and Development Centre for Oil and Gas Technology
  • “ILSAC GF-3: Its Status and Effect on Southeast Asia”, Michael McMillan, General Motors Research & Development Center
  • “Lube Base Oil Processing for the 21st Century”, S.M. Jacob, Mobil Technology Company
  • “Manual Transmission Fluids to Satisfy Global Market Needs”, Lee Schiemann, Hyun-Soo Hong, Eric Wittine, The Lubrizol Corp., Yukio Kurihara, Hirohito Hasegawa, Nobuaki Kojima, Lubrizol Japan
  • “Metallocene Chemistry Heralds a New Generation of Additives”, Jai G. Bansal and Sara Lefcourt, Exxon Chemical Company, Paramins
  • “Modern Diesel Performance Additives and their Impact on Vehicle Exhaust Emissions”, R. Merchant, R.J. Batt, M.J. Papachristos, The Associated Octel Company Ltd.
  • “New Diesel Engine Oil Category for 1998: API CH-4”, T.M. Franklin, ASTM  Heavy Duty Engine Oil Classification Panel/Royal Additives
  • “North America Base Oil Outlook”, Edward J. Gomulka, Conoco Inc.
  • “Novel Corrosion Inhibitor Technology”, P. Van de Ven, Texaco Fuels & Lubricants Research Department
  • “Oil Degradation in Light Commercial Vehicles in Southern Africa”, Elzanne Retief, Andrew Taylor, Peter Strachan, University of Stellenbosch, Mahmoud Homayoun, Caltex Lubricants Business Unit
  • “Performance Requirements of Manual Transmission Oil For Passenger Cars”, Koji Saito and Fumio Ueda, Toyota Motor Corp.
  • “Reduction of NoX Mobile Source Tailpipe Emissions Through the Use of Novel Gasoline Additive Technology”, Stephen Benwell and Randall Evans, Shell Chemical Co. Additives
  • “Requirements of Hydraulic Fluid for Construction Equipment”, Akiko Konishi, Satoshi Ohkawa, Hideaki Saito, Komatsu Ltd.
  • “SAE F&L Division Activity for Southeast Asia”, Tom McDonnell and Alex Pettigrew, Ethyl Corp.
  • “Taiwan Moves into Fully Synthetic Detergent Additive for Gasoline Engines”, Tsai-Li Chou, Che-Nan Li, Wei-Shiun Ku, Tsai-Wang Huang, Yung-Sheng Ho, Kun-Hai Lin, Chia-Soon Ku, Chi-Sheng Wu, Kun-Yung Tsai, Chinese Petroleum Corporation
  • “TBN Retention: Are We Missing the Point?”, W. van Dam, D.H. Broderick, R.L. Freerks, V.R. Small, W.W. Willis, Oronite Global Technology
  • “Technical Feasibility Study of Two-Way Catalytic Converter for Two-Stroke Motorcycle in Thailand”, Pakorn Bovonsombat, Petroleum Authority of Thailand, Pipon Boonchanta, Kasetsart University, Georg Hohn, J.J. Degussa (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
  • “Thailand Base Oil Market”, Permsak Kosolbhand, Valvoline (Thailand) Ltd.
  • “The Influences of Diesel Soot on Engine Oil Performance”, Keiichi Narita and Shinzo Osawa, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
  • “The Mechanism of Antioxidant Action in Lubricants”, Cyril A. Migdal, Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc.
  • “The Progress Toward Cleaner Transportation Fuels in ASEAN”, E. Jasfi and A.S. Nasution, LEMIGAS, Research and Development Centre for Oil and Gas Technology
  • “Trends in Industrial Lubricants”, Michael Thompson, Mobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  • “Trends in the Asian Lubricants Market”, Philip New, Lubricants and Bitumen, BP
  • “Update of International Fuel Specification Harmonization Activity”, Pete Misangyi, Ford
  • “VHVI Base Oils: Supply and Demand”, Park Yong Min, Yukong Ltd.
  • “Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluids: A New Look”, Derek Hanna, Union Carbide Chemicals (Australia) Pty. Ltd., G.E. Totten and G.M. Webster, Union Carbide Corp.
  • “Worldwide Fuel Quality Issues”, Jeremy Wilkinson, Fuels R&D Manager, Shell Research Eastern Singapore

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