5th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


5th Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 26-29, 1999
Regent Hotel, Singapore

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  • “Change and Challenges: The Future of the Asia-Pacific Lube and Additives Market”, J. Alun Thomas,  The Lubrizol Corporation
  • “Fuels and Lubricants Policy in Indonesia”, Siti Djuharmi, Directorate General of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Mines and Energy of Indonesia
  • “Fuels and Lubes Development and Markets Outlook on Taiwan”, C.S. Lin, Refining & Manufacturing Research Center, Chinese Petroleum Corp.
  • “The Korean Downstream Oil Industry Under Deregulation”, Yol Kim, Petroleum Supply Division, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Republic of Korea
  • “The Current Status and Future Trend of the Lubricant Industry in China”, Sun Yushuang, Great Wall Lubricating Oil Group Co.
  • “Status and Prospects of CNPC’s Downstream Industry”, Ma Hua, China National Petroleum Corp.
  • “Japan Clean Air Program (JCAP) - Status Report”, Hiroshi Tsuda, Tadashi Ito, Kazumoto Nakamura, Petroleum Energy Center
  • “Emission Regulation for Motorcycles in Asia”, Georg Arthur Hohn, Degussa Catalyst (Thailand) Ltd.
  • “Light-Duty Engine Oil Performance Standards - What’s Next?”, Michael McMillan, General Motors Research and Development Center
  • “Regional Lube Markets: A New Environment”, Philip Logan, Kline Group, Asia Pacific
  • “Worldwide Fuel Charter”, Peter Misangyi, Fuels and Lubricants Engineering, Ford Motor Co. (Paper Not Available)
  • “Experience on Reformulated Diesel Fuel”, Seppo Mikkonen, Aapo Niemi, Markku Niemi, Leena Rantanen, Pirjo Saikkonen, Neste Oyj
  • “Trends in Gasoline Engine Oils in Japan and the Development of a Fuel Efficient Gasoline Engine Oil”, Masaru Mishima, Nippon Oil Co., Ltd.
  • “Specification Overload! Are Asia Market Needs Being Addressed?”, Richard H. Lee, Ronald J. Stepan, H. Watanabe, Oronite Global Technology
  • “Recent Activities in Diesel Engine Lubricating Oils in Japan”, Kanji Kikuchi, Hino Motors, Ltd.
  • “Lubricants On-File System in Japan”, Hitoshi Hamaguchi, RohMax Additives GmbH
  • “A New Japanese System for International F&L Activities”, Kazuyoshi Tasaka, Japanese Standards Association
  • “The Future for Naphthenic Base Oils in Asia-Pacific”, Thomas Wallin, Nynas Naphthenics AB
  • “Market Trends in Synthetic Base Fluids”, Herve Fretay, John Salkeld, Uniqema Lubricants
  • “The Development of New Generation Gasoline Engine Oil Using Daqing Lubricating Base Stock”, Yu Bo Wei, East China University of Science and Technology; Pan Wen Huan, Fan Qing Bao, Shanghai Oil Refinery
  • “Optimizing Low Temperature Performance in a Changing Global Basestock Mix”, Lewis H. Gaines, David J. Martella, Infineum USA
  • “Production of High Viscosity Index Lube Base Stock by Hydroconversion Process”, A.S. Nasution, E.Jasjfi, LEMIGAS R/D Centre for Oil and Gas Technology
  • “Use of Group II, Group III Base Stocks in Hydraulic and Industrial Applications”, Helen Ryan, Ethyl Petroleum Additives Ltd.
  • “The Effect of Antioxidants on the Stability of Base Oils”, Cyril Migdal, Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc.
  • “Additives for Stabilizing Gasoline and Diesel Fuels”, Paul Yon-Hin, Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemical, L.P.
  • “Development of OCP Viscosity Index Improvers Produced via Insite Catalyst and Process Technology for CH-4 Heavy Duty Engine Oils”, Richard H. McGirk, Gary L. Rath, Dupont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
  • “A New Type of Ashless Multi-Functional Additive”, P.C. Hamblin, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc.
  • “Multi-Graded Lubricants - Viscometrics, Performances and Economics”, Hitoshi Hamaguchi, Ines Bartholomae, Bernard Kinker, Rudiger Jelitte, Alexander Darding, RohMax Additives GmbH
  • “The Use of Cold Flow Additives to Improve Diesel Fuel Economy”, Alfred Jung, Ralph Stevens Jr., Magda Kapuscinski, Roger Leisenring Jr., Texaco Global Products LLC, Nancy Strete, Cummins Engine Company
  • “Aftermarket Additives: A Possible Methodology”, Maurice LePera, LePera and Associates
  • “Manual Transmission Fluid to Satisfy Global Market Needs – Part II“, Hyun-Soo Hong, Michael E. Huston, Lubrizol Corp., Yukio Kurihara, Hirohito Hasegawa, Nobuaki Kojima, Lubrizol Japan, Michael Gahagan, Lubrizol International Laboratories
  • “Lubricant Impact on Fuel Economy in a DI Diesel Engine and in the ACEA Bench Fuel Economy Test“, D.E. Copp, C.P. Warrens, BP Oil International Ltd.
  • “Ester Base Fluids for Automotive Lubricants“, G (Bert) van der Waal, Uniqema Lubricants
  • “Engine Coolant Compatibility“, P. Van De Ven, R.J. Pellet, Texaco Global Products LLC
  • “Advanced Borate Automotive Gear Lubricants“, Shengchun Yan, Motoi Ishigami, Katsumi Umehara, Satoshi Ohta, Oronite Japan Ltd.
  • “Gas Engines Need Gas Engine Oils“, M.R. Logan, K.D. Carabell, N.K. Smrcka, Oronite Additives, A Division of Chevron Chemical Company
  • “An Effective Evaluation Method on Anti-Fret Performance of Greases“, Jinn-An Shieh, Tzu-Ming Cheng, Jin-Shang Liou, Su-Teng Chang, Refining and Manufacturing Research Center, Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Yi-Sheng Huang, China Steel Corp.
  • “Shear Stable Mist Suppressants for Aqueous Metalworking Fluids“, Colin Stone, Sanjay Kalhan, Steve Twining, Paul Nai, The Lubrizol Corp., Richard Marano, Rebecca Messick, Bill Johnston, Ford Motor Co.
  • “Need of Hydraulic Oil Specification for Construction Equipment”, Satoshi Ohkawa, Komatsu Ltd.
  • “Hydraulic Oil for Construction Equipment in Japan”, Takeshi Kodama, Mitsubishi Oil Co. Ltd.
  • “Development of New Industrial Gear Oils Based on Alternate Sulfur-Phosphorus Chemistry”, Hyun-Soo Hong, James N. Vinci, The Lubrizol Corp.
  • “Group II Base Stocks and Additive Response in a Hydraulic Fluid”, David Oesterle, Paul Nai, The Lubrizol Corp.
  • “An Innovative System to Protect Brand Image and Prevent Revenue Losses in the Fuels and Lubricants Industry”, Linda M. Gallaher, Richard L. Chambers, Oronite Additives Division, Chevron Chemical Company
  • “Effect of Diesel Fuel Lubricity on Fuel Pump Wear”, Kazuki Tomishima, Kazumasa Ogihara, Takao Hasegawa, R&D Center, Zexel Co.
  • “A Field Survey of Gasoline-Related Deposit Levels in Consumer Operated Vehicles”, Martin K. Megnin, Caltex Petroleum Corporation, Randy G. Chevalier, Wilfred Beijers, Chevron Chemical Company
  • “The Progress Toward Cleaner Transportation Fuels in Taiwan”, Kwang-cheng Kong, Kun-hai Lin, Chi-sheng Wu, Cheng-shiong Lin, Refining and Manufacturing Research Center, Chinese Petroleum Corp.
  • “The Role of Deposit Control Additives with Japanese Motor Gasolines for Cleaner Engine and Emissions”, Yoshiaki Tomoda, Hitoshi Ohkubo, Yuuki Katoh, Yasuhiro Ogasawara, Oronite Japan Technology Center, Oronite Japan Ltd.
  • “An Analysis of 1996 Gasoline Quality in the United States and Japan”, Joseph M. Colucci, Automotive Fuels Consulting, Inc., Thomas Darlington, Dennis Kahlbaum, Air Improvement Resources, Inc.
  • “A Comparison of Gasoline Direct Injection and Port Fuel Injection Vehicles, Part I: Fuel System Deposits”, David C. Arters, Ewa A. Bardasz, Elizabeth A. Schiferl, William J. Dimitrakis, The Lubrizol Corp.
  • “Post Auto-Oil: The EU 2000 Specifications and their Consequences”, Jeremy Wilkinson, Shell Global Solutions, Singapore

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