3rd Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


3rd Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 19-22, 1997
Regent Hotel, Singapore

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  • “Japan’s Clean Air Program”, Shin Morita, Refining Division,  Petroleum Dept., Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Dr. Hirotsugo Nomura, Technology Dept., Petroleum Energy Center
  • “Environmental Policies on Vehicular Air Pollution and Their Impact on Fuels and Lubricants Specifications”, Jean Rosete, Environmental Management Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines
  • “Pacific Rim Chemical Control Legislation Affecting Fuels and Lubricant Marketers”, Peter Stonebraker, Chevron Chemical Co.
  • “Material Safety Data Sheet System: The Next Generation”, Peter Stonebraker, Chevron Chemical Co.
  • “Use of Re-refined Oil - Is it a Business Opportunity or Environmental Responsibility?”, Daniel Cheng, Dunwell Industrial (Holdings), Ltd.
  • “Bensan Zero-Waste Oil Re-refining Technology”, Benjamin Santos, Bensan Industries
  • “The Tomorrow’s of Our Industry”, Thomas Sheahan, OEM/Industry Relations/Regulatory, Lubrizol Corp.
  • “Recent Trends of Diesel Engine Technology and Requirement on Fuels and Lubricants for Construction Equipment”, Satoshi Ohkawa, Construction Equipment Research Center, Komatsu Ltd.
  • “Outline of Engine Oil Standards for Motorcycle Development and Future”, Kenichi Noda, Engineering Research Dept. 1, Asaka R&D Center, Honda R&D Co. Ltd.
  • “Future Sequence Tests for Gasoline Engine Oils”, Kiyotaka Nakamura, Material Engineering Section No. 3, Material Engineering Dept., Nissan Motor Co.
  • “Worldwide Fuel Lubricant Requirements: Ford Perspective”, Peter Misangyi, Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Engineering, Ford Automotive Operations
  • “Chinese Base Oil and Lubricants Market”, Chen Guoming, Technical Supervising Department, Manufacturing Division, SINOPEC
  • “Shipping Issues in Base Oil Movements”, Jeffrey Mavelli, Director, Sound Tanker Chartering Inc.
  • “Refining and Product Quality Benefits for New Hydrocracked Lube Base Stock in Singapore”, Charles Baker, Mobil Technology Company
  • “Assessing the Carcinogenic Potential of Lubricating Base Oils”, Gary Blackburn, Petrolabs, Inc.
  • “Worldwide Lubricant Specification and Approval Systems and a Recommendation for the Asia-Pacific Region”, Greg Guinther, Ethyl Corp.
  • “PCMO Asia: Market Needs and Issues”, Myron Desing, Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte.) Ltd.
  • “The Effect of Two-Stroke Oils Reaction Energy on White Smoke”, Automotive Lubricant Research Division, R&D Centre, Petroleum Authority of Thailand
  • “The Development and Application of High Performance Turbine Oil”, Jin-Shang Liou, Industrial Research Division, Refining and Manufacturing Research Center, Chinese Petroleum Corp.
  • “Railroad Diesel Engine Cleanliness: The Impact of the Engine Oil Additive Formulation”, Mark Logan, Industrial Engine Oil Unit, Oronite Technology Group, Chevron Research and Technology
  • “Rapidly Biodegradable Lubricants: Current Situation and Outlook”, Theo Mang, Fuchs Petrolub AG Oel + Chemie
  • “Designing Driveline Lubricants to Satisfy Global Market Needs”, Lee Schiemann, Lubrizol Corp.
  • “Japanese Transmission Oil Trends”, Yasuyoshi Suzuki, Lube Product Dept., Tonen Corp.
  • “Changes in Diesel Fuel Lubricity Associated with Worldwide Trends in Sulfur Levels”, R.J. Batt, Fuels & Technology Group, Associated Octel
  • “Lubricity of Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel in Japan”, Masanori Okada, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel in Asia and the Effect on Engine and Fuel System Performance”, Greg Ondercin, Lubrizol Corp.
  • “The Avoidance of Antagonistic Effects from Lubricity Additives for Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel”, Michael James Attfield, Adibis
  • “Neste Oil’s Experiences of Reformulated Gasoline and Diesel Fuels in Finland”, Matteus Joutsimo, Neste Oil Research & Development
  • “Reformulated Gasolines”, Martin Megnin, Caltex Petroleum Corp.
  • “Use of Aftermarket Gasoline Additives to Solve Fuel Related Deposit Problems in Asia”, Randy Chevalier, Chevron Chemicals Co.
  • “Secondary Additive Packages: A Cost Effective Alternative for Saving Fuel and the Environment”, Roger Melley, Maryn Research Ltd.
  • “Antioxidants for Oxygenated Gasolines”, Scott Schwab, Fuels Research Group, Ethyl Petroleum Additives
  • “Qualifying Fuels and Lubricants Testing Laboratories for ISO 9002 and ISO/IEC Guide 25 Certification”, Lee Grant, Dept. of Automotive Fuels and Fluids Research, Southwest Research Institute
  • “Identifying Microbial Contamination in Fuel Systems and Controlling it with Universal Solute Biocides”, Frederick Passman, Biodeterioration Control Associates Inc.
  • “Hydrodesulphurization of Gas Oil Using Co-Mo/Al2O3 Catalyst”, Prof. A.S. Nasution, R/D Centre for Oil and Gas Technology, Lemigas
  • “Understanding Vehicle Emissions in Asia”, David Britton, J. David Armstrong, Shell Research Eastern Division, Shell Research and Technology Centre
  • “Fuels and Lubes Business Landscape in Asia”, C. K. Chang, Shell Research and Technology - Singapore
  • “Changing Basestock Requirements In Asia-Pacific: Performance or Supply Driven?”, Roger Cherry, The Kline Group, William Downey, Jr., Kline & Company, Inc.
  • “Japanese OEM’s Requirements for Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil”, Kanji Kikuchi, Takashi Hashimoto, Hino Motors Ltd.
  • “The Outlook of Korean Petroleum Industry and its Deregulation Process”, Young-Seok Moon, Korea Energy Economics Institute
  • “Indonesia’s Downstream Sector”, Njoman Sudibia, Pertamina
  • “Air Pollution Control in Singapore”, Poon Chiew Tuck, Pollution Control Department, Ministry of the Environment (Singapore)
  • “Correct Relationship Setting of Digital Counter Readings to Compression Ratio on CFR”, Wang Dou Wen Jiang Chun Li, Liaoning Commodity Inspection Bureau

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