1st Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


1st Annual Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference - Full Conference Proceedings


January 23-25, 1995
Shangri-La Sentosa, Singapore

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  • “Requirements to Lubricants from Engine Technology”, Masahiko Nakada, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “Effects of Gasoline Properties on Exhaust Emissions”, Hirohiko Hoshi, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • “Now and Future Lubricants for Construction Machine”, Satoshi Ohkawa, Komatsu Ltd.
  • “An Additive Supplier’s Viewpoint of the Future Engine Lubricant Quality Trends in Asia”, Eric J. Lewis, Paramins Additives Div., Exxon Chemical Japan Ltd.
  • “Lubricant Trends From an European OEM Perspective”, Bengt Otterholm, AB Volvo
  • “Vietnam Prospective Markets for Fuels and Lubricants”, Nguyen Thanh Hai, Vietnam Lubricants Company (VIDAMO)
  • “Australia: Automotive Fuels, Recent Experiences and Outlook”, Rod Corinaldi, Australian Institute of Petroleum Ltd.
  • “Fuel Market and Quality in Taiwan”, Chia- Soon Ku, Yung-Sheng Ho, Kuen-Hai Lin, Chinese Petroleum Corp.
  • “The Role of Major, National and Independent Oil Companies in the Emerging Market Countries of East Asia”, Chem Systems, Suzan Jagger, Jagger International
  • “Current Status of Asian Refining”, John Boepple, Chem Systems
  • “The Changing Picture of Transportation Fuels in Asia”, Enrico Sismondo, Caltex Group of Companies in Singapore
  • “Fuel Quality, Engine Technology and Fuel Additives – A Worldwide Approach to a Better Environment”, Paul Flavin, Lubrizol Corp.
  • “Trends in Clean Fuels and Emissions Standards”, Max Mason, Chevron Chemical Company, Oronite Additives Division
  • “Lead Phase-out in the Asia-Pacific Region”, R.J. Larbey, The Associated Octel Company Limited
  • “Status and Perspectives of China’s Refining Industry and Supply/Demand of Lube Oils”, Su Yi Min, China Petrochemical Planning & Engineering Institute (CPCCC)
  • “Korean Lube Market Structure and Recent Developments”, Hung Nam Cho, Yukong Ltd.
  • “The Lubricants Market in Thailand”, John Dain, Shell Company of Thailand Ltd.
  • “The Malaysian Lubricant Market”, Keith Tan, Petronas Dagangan Sdn. Bhd.
  • “Technologies for Indian Refining Industry and Lubricants”, G. Jayarama Rao, Birla Technical Services
  • “Lubricants Global Trends”, C.S. Warren Huang, Ethyl Corp.
  • “Taiwan Experience in Pollution Control of Two-Stroke Engine and the Future Trends”, Chia-Soon Ku, Chen-Yi Lin, Tsae Shyan Lee, Chi-Chung Chen, Chinese Petroleum Corp.
  • “Two-Stroke Engine Oil in Thailand: Trends in Quality Development”, Sawaeng Boonyasuwat, R&D Center, Petroleum Authority of Thailand
  • “Comparison of Synthetic Fluids for Lubricants”, Wilfried J. Bartz, Technische Akademie Esslingen
  • “Environmental Challenges in Metalworking Lubricants”, Krishna C. Tripathi, United Technologies Carrier
  • “Recent Developments in the Use of Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids and Lubricants for Steam and Gas Turbines”, David Phillips, FMC Corp. (UK) Ltd., Process Additives Division
  • “Higher Alpha Olefins: Applications to Metal Working Fluids, Lubricants and Hydrocarbon Additives”, L.M. Haberman, Shell Development Co.
  • “Development of High Performance Lubricants Using VHVI Oils”, Soo Kuhk Hahn, Lubricants Research Laboratory, Yukong Limited
  • “The Asia Pacific Market and the Importance of Japan”, John Lukes, Asia Pacific Regional Sales Manager, Chevron Chemical Far East, Oronite Division

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