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BRB International BV

Europastraat 5
6014 CD Ittervoort
The Netherlands

+31 475 560 300

BRB International is an international additives, chemicals and silicones producer dedicated to servicing their customers with a wide range of tailor-made solutions. BRB has 14 locations worldwide from which they can supply their markets and meet their customers’ needs. BRB’s strength lies in the commitment of its 200+ employees, putting the customer first and being flexible in both service and product solutions. Their focus on R&D, technical field support, customized products and problem solving mentality gives BRB a unique position in the market. BRB is able to service smaller and middle size customers as well as larger multinationals.

Viscotech - Meeting the challenges of your future

Viscotech® means state-of-the-art viscosity modifiers, for the future demands of lubricants. Viscotech® is a synonym for Innovation with advanced polymer technologies, compatible with a wide range of base oils. With unrivalled stability, synthetic compatibility and cold weather performance Viscotech® polymers are the choice to formulate quality lubricants and provide solutions to the challenges faced by our customers, today and in the future. Viscotech® is produced in the EU and Singapore and globally available in solid and liquid form.